December 2015

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collage diet challenge – Day 31- great finale

Today is the end of my 2015 collage diet challenge. I am finally here at Day 31 and 100 collages. This was the slowest, never-ending December I ever experienced and usually this month passes me by like lightning. It was an insane diet and oddly enough I am a bit sad that’s over. Obviously it has ended into a new year’s resolution of an ongoing collage diet on a different format which I will share it with you in the next post. I will have a final post on this diet, recapping the highlights and my most favorite pieces. Here are my New Year’s Eve special! It is quite a golden-carpet designer-studded event: wearing a gold sequin dress by DKNY, later on changing into a gold foil wool dress by Stella Mccartney accented by Sergio Rossi tech lace heels and Vhernier jewelry. My last pieces are my take on wish lanterns and fireworks with glitter and gold, closing this month and year with a bang! It’s has been a very special one. Thank you everyone for taking the time to look at them.

Happy New Year!

Wishing you a sparkly and bubbly NYE!

97-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 98-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 99-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 100-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi


collage diet challenge – Day 30

Day 30 of december 2015 collage diet challenge. Only one day left and I feel like I am dragging myself. The hardest part of the challenge has been this last week during the holidays trying to find the time and not to scramble. Another eclectic mix for here, a piece from a perfume bottle, Sorel shoe laces and sequin hat as preparation for NYE’s glitter and jazz !

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collage diet challenge – Day 29

Day 29 of december 2015 collage diet challenge. The first two pieces were taken from a super cool leather power dress (by Celine) for a feature on a young art force – Maria Baibakova- in Vogue! I think it is only appropriate for it to re-appear in an art work. The end of this challenge is around the corner. You can also follow #collagedietchallenge15 on instagram.

89-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 90-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 91-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 92-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi

collage diet challenge – Day 26

Day 26 of december 2015 collage diet challenge. These pieces all look like creatures to me. I didn’t have much time to spend on these today so they are a bit rushed. I hope I can take my time for the remaining 5 days of the challenge. Holidays are more challenging. It is Boxing Day and I am having another 30% discount an my shop, code goldrushboxing.

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80-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 81-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 82-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi


collage diet challenge – Day 25 – Merry Christmas

Day 25 of december 2015 collage diet challenge. Merry Christmas everyone. Today’s pieces are inspired by Christmas colors, glitter, sparkles and hanging ornaments as well as super fancy sparkly Dolce & Gabbana bag for a bubbly party. Hope your Christmas is filled with whimsy, enchanting tunes, soft lights, scrumptious meals, inspiring company and creative ideas. Sounds very romantic but these moments are around in their own way. cheers!

77-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 78-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 79-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi

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collage diet challenge – Day 24

Day 24 of december 2015 collage diet challenge. It is a gorgeous sunny day here in Toronto – almost spring like – and the street are buzzing with great energy of the Christmas Eve. Some neutrals for today, more shredding and subtle plays with texture. I am sending you my warmest greetings for Christmas Eve. Have a wonderful gathering with your loved ones. You can also follow #collagedietchallenge15 on instagram.

74-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 75-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 76-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi

collage diet challenge – Day 23

Day 23 of december 2015 collage diet challenge. I made it to 2/3 of the challenge. I am so excited even though there are days that I feel quite insecure about the pieces I post. Piece #70 has a Persian calligraphy feel to it and I took the cut-out from a pair of shoes. Piece #71 is a Prada bag that I had used here in this piece before, it has a very interesting texture. I was told the last piece looks like a whale. Quite an eclectic mix for today.

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70-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 71-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 72-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi

collage diet challenge – Day 22

Day 22 of december 2015 collage diet challenge. Shredding textile and revealing the weave underneath or unweaving is what came to my mind for Piece #67 and bit for piece for #69. I would like to play with this idea a bit more later. Sometimes I stop myself early to maintain control before I end up doing too much on a piece and get lost. But I also like to test an idea and reserve it and expand on it later. Piece #68 has a mischievous vibe to it, vaguely reminds me of playboy bunnies!

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67-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 68-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 69-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi