April 2016

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collage art diet 2016 – week 15

I am late with my posts. I did these three, last week but didn’t get a chance to post them.  Here they are. I quite like the dynamic of piece #62 ( first piece here). It has a sense that’s something is falling apart but they are still holing onto each other for dear life! Not too crazy about the second one here. The last one once again looks like a breathing ocean creature. As you know, I love bubbles and polka dots!

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62-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 63-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 64-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi

collage diet challenge – Day 26

Day 26 of december 2015 collage diet challenge. These pieces all look like creatures to me. I didn’t have much time to spend on these today so they are a bit rushed. I hope I can take my time for the remaining 5 days of the challenge. Holidays are more challenging. It is Boxing Day and I am having another 30% discount an my shop, code goldrushboxing.

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80-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 81-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 82-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi