Closing the decade with an art-filled year! Part 3

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Highlights of exhibitions and shows in Toronto

There is no way, I can list all the works and shows I have seen and liked this year in the city. Toronto is bursting at the seams with high quality art and cultural events. I try to scratch the surface just as much as I can and also be content with sense of JOMO (Joy of Missing Out), a term a great colleague introduced to me,  instead of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  Here is some efforts make a note of top memorable works and shows.

Toronto Outdoor Art Fair

Of course the best visual arts event has to be Toronto Outdoor Art Fair 😊and I am not biased at all. I will do a personal journal post about last summer but we captured the highlights of the 59th edition here and see our facebook album for all the great moments of this incredible art packed summer weekend.

Fine Line’ Group Exhibition at Olga Korper and the gem is this piece, 100 yards, hesitating every inch of the way by Ken Nicol 
Superstratum by Morgan Wedderspoon at Open Studio

The vibe of Art Toronto 2019 was airy and great this year. This piece from Hernâni Reis Baptista, Portugal won my heart. It is flesh and bruises done with makeup powders. It had a mysterious beauty to it and definitely looked better in flesh!

Black & White Stack by Michelle Forsyth at Corkin Gallery.  Love her work!

X.X by John Monteith at 10 Years Ago Gallery