January 2016

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collage art diet 2016 – week 4

This is the last week of my daily #collagediet for the month of January. I started this whole collage art diet shenanigan with an intense cleanse in December by being on a three collages/day regiment. I have been sticking to it on a daily basis in January so that I won’t suffer too much from withdrawal. I am enjoying the dicipline a lot but I am also aching to go back to paint and big canvases. Speaking of that, I am quite nervous as I don’t know how to get back and where to start. I might have said that before and I might be repeating myself. This diet on paper and the simplified and minimalistic approach that I have adopted has affected me tremendously. It has been a really interesting process to focus on enhancing the qualities, textures and characteristics of one cut-out. I am not sure how this will translate onto canvas and how it would affect my style of painting. My work on canvas used to be very dynamic, energetic and at times a bit crazy. The collage work used to be intricate and dominant. That started changing in my latest paintings and became more controlled and calculated. I miss that impulsive, mischievous and ¬†playful quality and the controlled chaos that I used to create. This, I guess is a more mature me!¬†If you go to the¬†filter page¬†of the website by selecting different years you can see the transition and you can see what I am talking about.

I don’t know what will happen with paint but I know that at this very moment I am feeling extremely insecure about it. I also know what could help. A good old diving vacation and the underwater world could fix the problem. I wish I could pull that off in a travel grant application and say that to get my inspiration back I need to dive deep into the ocean. I wish there was an underwater artist residency somewhere out there. I am actually not kidding. I have been thinking about this idea for a long time.

I also need to get my act together and start showing my work again. I have not done any exhibitions in the past three years for some very obvious reasons that most of you know. It’s about time and I need to start working on that again.

I will update this page with the remaining pieces from my January daily challenge and in February I am moving to a diet of three collages on paper each week. I hope that’s ok with me!

I am feeling quite chatty today. It is the sunshine.

Thanks for listening.

oh! and these guys appear more regularly on instagram than my blog.


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collage art diet 2016 – week 3

I did a lot of pink pieces for this week’s collage art diet. It was a good escape for the grey winter days. My favorite one here is the cabbage leaves on top of the pair of pants. It was an odd combination but it somehow works for me. The Japanese kimono piece was so silky and delicate that I almost didn’t want to touch it. It sat really well on paper. All I did was to stitch in place. ¬†Another week is left from my daily diet and then I am switching to weekly. Check out my¬†instagram¬†for your daily dose of collage-a-day for the month of January.


16-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 17-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 18-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 19-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 20-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 21-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 22-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi

collage art diet 2016 – week 1

I think I told you last week that once I finished my December collage art diet challenge I had a sense of separation anxiety and experienced some kind of a withdrawal effect. It was a very intimate and intense process so it makes sense why I felt the way I did. During the challenge the hardest part was the rigid daily blogging and social media posts. I enjoyed writing about the process but there were many days that I didn’t have anything to say. Now the one thing I miss the most beside making three pieces a day is the process blogging. It forced me to shape my thoughts better and dig deeper into what I was doing. So I have been looking forward to writing this post and showing you what I have been working on.

Below are the daily collages I have been doing since January 1st. I know my #collagediet pledge to myself for 2016 is three collages per week. So far I have been doing them daily and I am hoping to keep it like that for the month of January.¬†I realize that not working in three-per-day format opens me up for more experimentation as I don’t get dragged into creating sets or a sense of continuity. I also want to push myself harder with experimentation, new compositions, shapes and lines and maybe start introducing paint into these works on paper at some point. Baby steps! You will also see a lot of repeating concepts, patterns and similar drawings. Almost everything that happened in December were new and fresh to me and I haven’t explored them further so I am going to keep working on them until I feel I have reached a saturation point. I know minor changes and subtle ideas emerge during the saturation phase. ¬†Just as a reminder, these are collage works on watercolour paper – ¬†6″ x 6″ ¬†and 8″ x 8″. The¬†cut-outs come from Vogue magazine, my one and only muse for now. They are pieces of clothing, objects, body parts that I distort into an abstract form maintaining a kinetic, life-like energy without referencing the body itself. The drawings are my responses to the exciting textures and lines in the cut-outs or whatever inspires me to build on them.

I am posting these as they come by on instagram daily so follow them there if you want a daily dose of #artoftheday.  I will do a weekly recap here on my blog.

Thanks for reading and watching!

1-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 2-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 3-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi
4-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 5-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 6-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 7-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 8-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi

collage diet challenge recap + 2016 theme

Happy New Year Everyone!

I can’t believe this collage diet challenge is over. I feel like an addict in withdrawal mode and not knowing what to do with myself even though I have some great awesome things lined up for 2016. Thanks for all your emails, notes, comments and conversations around this. It meant a lot and fueled ¬†my enthusiasm even more. This was the first real regimented challenge I have ever done. I have to say I truly enjoyed the dicipline and rigidity of sticking to the rule that I set for myself. I learnt a great deal from it. Letting out some old memories and strong emotions was very liberating. It also reminded me of how at times I can do more even though it doesn’t look like there is an inch left on my already full plate. I just needed to absolutely love what I was doing which I did and that was enough to get me going. Pushing through the moments when I felt I had no new ideas but then something different and interesting in a very subtle way would emerge were the best parts. I think I enjoyed the subtle changes more than anything else. A lot of small ideas and gentle changes have surfaced. I am a big fan of slow, gradual and small changes that come from within rather than drastic make-overs. I am curious where this all would take me.

I have decided to stay on this #collagediet on paper. It is too good and I love it too much. My dream is to have 500 pieces in total of this type of work. I know it is very ambitious. If I hit 250 pieces for 2016 I am content. I am aiming to do three pieces each week till the end of the year and maybe some weeks to do daily work. It is manageable and realistic considering that I am taking on a major exciting assignment that I will be sharing with you soon as well as continuing my work on canvas.

I am hoping to put a selection of my most favourite pieces together soon. Stay tuned for that and I would love it if you continue following the new #collagediet on instagram.


collagedietchallangeprocess collagedietchallengeprocess2