December 2014

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summer is long gone

It is¬†definitely¬†not summer anymore. no kidding! But I haven’t posted anything about the works I¬†finished back then.

Here they are the sibling, “gentle” works I was working on a while back. ¬†Their summery, ¬†bright and fresh colour pallet makes them almost out of place for this dreary, grey November day or on the contrary, their soft glow-in-the-dark look is the most needed visual break . I think more of the latter, not that these paintings are seasonal!

Here is pleasantly idle ! For this, I left a lot of silent, quiet space on the top with very subtle variations of paint where I enjoy relaxing my eyes on and focusing on the soft layers and silky textures. The collage work somehow reminds me dangling thoughts, unfinished ideas, graceful limbs dancing gently in the air. There is a sense of confident disconnect and idleness in this state of suspense. 


Remember¬†this work that I had doubts about its “finished” state. well, ¬†I went back and tweaked it with some minor paint application and few more collage pieces. I don’t know whether it was for better or worse. You be the the judge. It does look more finished to me. And if I still have doubts, I can’t go back to it anymore or I will wreck the whole thing.

The piece is titled the world is your oyster.¬†It is believed in feng shui, turquoise, the stone, is used to attract money and wealth! ¬†I didn’t know this fact when I was combining pearls, jewels and lush shiny cut-puts with turquoise and aqua tones. I believe my spirit was dwelling on the sea bed, searching for pearls of wisdom and inspiration all in one big giant oyster. So it turns out this work ,hung in the right place,¬†is destined to bring you wealth and fortune, without breaking the bank ;-).