February 2016

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collage art diet 2016 – week 8

I watched the Oscars last night and obviously I was more focused on the gowns than anything else. It is one guilty pleasure that I can easily write off as professional “visual research”! I actually can’t wait to get my hand on the images of some of those fantastic shiny gowns and cut them out for my work. After all as I have always said, I am my own kind of a fashionista and #thisishowiwearit. Ā I am ending the #collagediet for the month of February with more glitter, metallics and golden fireworks as finale.

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41-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 42-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 43-collagediet16-anahita

collage art diet 2016 – week 6

The cut-outs for the pieces below are from one single image. They look very delicate and soft on paper. I have played around with the composition and simple arrangements and enhanced them by subtle stitching.

you can follow thisĀ #collagedietĀ onĀ instagram.35-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 36-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 37-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi