November 2015

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a serious collage diet

I am setting myself up for an end-of-year challenge. Interesting ideas and constellations are emerging from my collage works on paper that I want to explore further but there are lots of distractions. I thought it is best to enter the new year with toned ideas so I decided to put myself on a serious collage diet for the month of December. Three collages a day Рevery day/night for 31 days. I want to have 100 pieces of works on paper by the end of the month/year! Some days I have to do more than three to hit that number and I am not allowed to cheat and create a big batch one day and none the next. It should be everyday! It is a crazy idea for me schedule-wise (and I am very nervous as I am writing this and putting it out there) but I thought if I get your emotional support along the way, I can pull it off. So here is how you come to play a very important role.

I will be posting them on my instagram and other social outlets. Simply look at them as they come by and if you like them: comment, use that heart emoji and share. If you really really like them, buy one or two or more (some will come to the shop).

I think (hope) it will be fun. Wish me good luck.

Thank you!

studyinblue2-azrahimi-2015 studyinblue3-azrahimi-2015 studyinblue4-azrahimi-2015

featured on Saatchi Art again

I just got this email from Saatchi Art¬†that one of my works has been chosen to be¬†featured in¬†the¬†“Architecturally Round”¬†Collection, a part of Saatchi Art’s 2015 Gift Guide Collections. ¬†Here is the image of the piece, Minto 44, a collage and painting piece, a of mix of cut-out round patterns I found in a polka dot pair of pants and a patterned dress which I used across the set blurred into the painted subtle round shapes. The related images show you how it looks on the wall along with its sibling.

This is the second piece from this set that is featured on Saatchi¬†and I am quite happy about it. If you want it/them you’d better hurry!

minto44-anahitaazrahimiIMG_1256 IMG_1257 IMG_1259 IMG_1260


Finally I got to upload these sketches/postcards from last year. They are studies in simples lines and simple relationships between biomorphic shapes. I took one big piece of cut-out and broke it into smaller shapes and created a relationship between the pieces as well. They remind me of mobiles.

These are on water-colour postcards (6″ x 4″). They are studies but also finished works. If you want to give someone special a handmade card they carry a warm gentle energy. They are also super affordable and you can get them at my shop.


IMG_6046 IMG_6048 IMG_6049


postcard-anahita azrahimi





sk-po8-anahitaazrahimi-2014 sk-po9-anahitaazrahimi-2014