anahita azrahimiI am a collage artist and cultural producer.

In my role as the Executive & Creative Director of Toronto Outdoor Art Fair, Canada’s largest contemporary outdoor art fair since 1961, I thrive in making joy of art and direct engagement with artists accessible to all public. I am equally passionate about creating my own moments of art.

For my collage works, I use cut-out shapes and patterns of folds and draperies that I find in Vogue magazine. When I cut out the posed bodies from fashion editorials, I get shapes and forms that are kinetic and life-like. The fragmented, clothed body parts of the photographs become unrecognizable and somehow abstract but they still hold their energies and emotions. I quite like this quality. 

These days in my work, I focus on subtleties, small gestures, vignettes of thought and floating fragments. I make rigorous effort to strip down the work to its simple yet richer essence. It is a major departure from my past intricate, dense and colourful collage paintings. The pieces are quiet and understated. Instead, I spend the labor on meticulously sourcing, cutting, layering patterns and negotiating space and energy between collage pieces. I enjoy the process as much as the ‘finished’ piece. And, If I make you curious with these works, I am quite content.

some words of encouragement from media

Vogue, fashion’s bible is among the most controlled – and controlling – magazines on the newsstands. But control seems to be Anahita Azrahimi’s strong suit- Her work translates into an intuitively controlled balance.” –Peter Goddard, Toronto Star

Azrahimi creates an absorbing flow of colour and feeling in a small space of paint-swiped canvas.”

coherent and evocative” –Torontoist

“vivid and ethereal” – Fashion.Art.Toronto.

“Anahita Azrahimi’s collages are vivid and captivating.”  ArtToronto.ca