I create abstract collage paintings. I seamlessly obscure and blend cut-out shapes and patterns of folds and draperies found in fashion editorials into textured abstract paintings.

The seductive photographs of posed bodies when cut out, render amoeba-like shapes and forms. I harvest a kinetic, life-like energy from the fragmented body parts wrapped in clothing. Through this I create bodily motion and drama in abstract from or imaginary landscapes without directly referencing the body. Throughout art history much effort has been put on capturing the essence and complexities of various fabrics, folds and clothing and its relationship to body, seductiveness and emotions. I create an illusion of that effort by simply cutting clothed bodies out of context. Instead, I spend the labor on meticulously sourcing, cutting, layering patterns and negotiating space and energy between collage pieces within the textured painting. I try to reach a sense of balance.

Vogue magazine is my muse. I love glancing at such exquisite and state-of-the-art craftsmanship of the best of fashion and fashion photography. However it depicts a fashion that is mostly inaccessible for me unlike the accessible magazine itself. I have a sense of ownership and possession once I manipulate these images into something new from my own imagination.

The organic quality of my work is also informed by years of looking through microscope at organisms and plant tissues. I am an avid diver and  fascinated with the reef landscape, dancing soft corals, insane neon rays and that underwater feast of color.

I experience entirely different dynamics and feelings in the process of painting and collage work. Painting for me is a pure emotional expression. It is free, spontaneous, daring and exploratory whereas collaging is calculated, playful, labor intensive, contemplative and humorous. I am drawn to these contrasting emotions. I am also drawn to the constant searching, mixing, re-using, re-shaping and mashing up familiar images into new formations. It is like creating a puzzle from scratch and solving it.

Most importantly, I feel alive and the most free in this open-ended, limitless world of mashup. And, If I keep you curious with each piece, I am content.