May 2014

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2.5 meter marathon completed

I finished my¬†2.5 meter marathon¬†¬†a while back and here are some images for you. The piece is titled the age of innocence.¬†It has an upbeat yet innocent look to it. The fresh neon orange was so prominent and captivating that it didn’t call for many cut-outs. As you can see l am still exploring the possibilities of the neon colour palette and I find it interesting that the energy and light of these colours push me towards using less collage pieces in my new works.¬†I had prepared for a major collage work but I must have only used 5 or 6 pieces. I am very attached to my cut-outs so it is not an easy omission but the neons keep shouting¬†less is more¬†!

One of my studio buddies suggested we took the painting outside in the middle of the white crisp powdery snow right on the train track and photograph it under the sunshine.  It would have been a great set up for a photo shoot but by the time I finished the piece the gorgeous pure white of the snow had turned into a greyish slushy mess. So I lost the opportunity even though this winter like this piece had taken its grand time to finish. But given that imagery, I can totally visualize the type of a space where I like to see this work hung. You can see some of my wish list below (I should photoshop it into these picture for a better visualization.) So if anyone has a space with modern minimalistic vibe and high ceilings this is just the right painting!

age of innocence-2014







It’s auction time

This Friday one of my pieces, pastel reef under construction, will be auctioned off by Artbomb at a very competitive price.  Artbomb is an online art auction site that holds daily auctions for curated works of artists from all across Canada. They also have a New York branch. It is an exciting initiative and I am happy that they have picked two of my pieces. The bidding is open for one day only. So join them now and start bidding!

If you are an artist yourself and interested in participating, check their submission page and submit your work for the auction.

Happy bidding !