a serious collage diet

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I am setting myself up for an end-of-year challenge. Interesting ideas and constellations are emerging from my collage works on paper that I want to explore further but there are lots of distractions. I thought it is best to enter the new year with toned ideas so I decided to put myself on a serious collage diet for the month of December. Three collages a day – every day/night for 31 days. I want to have 100 pieces of works on paper by the end of the month/year! Some days I have to do more than three to hit that number and I am not allowed to cheat and create a big batch one day and none the next. It should be everyday! It is a crazy idea for me schedule-wise (and I am very nervous as I am writing this and putting it out there) but I thought if I get your emotional support along the way, I can pull it off. So here is how you come to play a very important role.

I will be posting them on my instagram and other social outlets. Simply look at them as they come by and if you like them: comment, use that heart emoji and share. If you really really like them, buy one or two or more (some will come to the shop).

I think (hope) it will be fun. Wish me good luck.

Thank you!

studyinblue2-azrahimi-2015 studyinblue3-azrahimi-2015 studyinblue4-azrahimi-2015