January 2015

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thank you for the old year

It is the old new year today. So this is the best chance to send you my be-lated new year wishes. But first, let me thank you for the old year.

25 works of mine found themselves new loving homes in the past year. The majority of it happened during a modest 4-hour studio sale. It was a record-breaking event for me and pleasantly unexpected. I am still stoked.

Last year, I focused my energy on re-building my online portfolio. In between launching a new website, a new logo, a blog, an online store, cool art rentals, and this newsletter to keep in touch with you, there was not much time for shows and art fairs to disseminate my work. However, I had the most increase in new viewers, feedbacks and sales of my work over the years.

So I have only you to thank for this great success. I owe my elevated enthusiasm to continue creating new works to your support and appreciation.

Artistically I have been toying with “less is more”. I would say last year has been more about explorations, studies,¬†sketches¬†and¬†developing new different series¬†which I will tell you about briefly today and in the months to come. I am very excited about the new developments and the new direction that is gradually emerging, although unknown to me.

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts and my works with you. Please continue visiting my website for events, new works and blog posts. Bring along friends too.

I can not possibly add to all the best wishes you have already received from everyone around you, but I too, wish you a colourful, joyful and an artsy year ahead.

Happy 2015!


IMG_4840sketch – collage on watercolour postcard – 2014

one-piece wonders

Here are the first pieces of the new series I  have been working on.

They are very different from what I have been doing in many aspects. In most of my previous works, I have used a lot of color and I have been drawn to meticulous and elaborate collage work where at times I have used hundreds of cut-outs in one piece.

For these works I am using only one colour, heavy layers of black paint, and one focal cut-out. I highlight a carefully-chosen college pieces that has intricate and high definition texture to create a visual illusion of detailed hand-painted element. The medium is oil on wood panel. The cut-outs are still from fashion editorials. They are also studies for larger scale works. I am contemplating to blow up the scale and see what happens.

For now I am call them ‘one-piece wonders‘.

OPW-VI-2014-sopw vi – oil & collage on wood panel (working title) – 2014

OPW-III-2014-sopw iii – oil & collage on wood panel (working title) – 2014

OPW-II-2014-sopw ii – oil & collage on wood panel (working title) – 2014