September 2014

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the very first online sale

I had a personal record-breaking  sale at my studio yesterday with 17 pieces leaving me for new homes within a mere 4-hour period. I am still dizzy about it and very happy. Thanks to all of you who came, brought friends and made this a huge success. I can now focus more on the new series that I am developing with much more enthusiasm, encouragement and of course space! I am very grateful to you.  As promised,  I am hosting my very first online sale out of my store for my out-of-town, out-of-country but not-out-of-mind friends and supporters.


my online store

 for great deals!

September 28-30

I still have a few budget friendly works under $500 left that are marked down up to 50%. 

I will have discounted & fixed shipping rates to make your first shopping experience at my store a real bargain. If you are in Toronto, you can simply arrange for picking up your artwork.

I suggest you even think about stocking up for Christmas gifts, as there are still some smaller pieces from $30-$100 available. I know it is early but “jingle bells” will be here before you know it.


Online Art Sale flyer

expectations were met at Great Expectations

If you are in Toronto and you get a chance, check out Graham Gillmore‘s Great Expectations at the spectacular Division Gallery.

Once in while, I see works that I get a strong visceral reaction to and ¬†feel an invisible pull towards them. I can’t quite describe it. It’s a sort of feeling I have towards certain style of contemporary dance. Usually there is this sense of abstract movement or a kinetic energy as well as a sense of architecture and other elements that create this strong connection for me. It is expected and obvious in dance but not so much in two dimensional works. Hardly I have seen these two art forms being compared to each other. It is not often that I myself perceive such a connection.

The above show where I discovered the works of internationally acclaimed Graham Gilmore for the first time was one of those. Everything about these text based paintings, from the vivid colour palettes, textures, texts, meaning and their ambiguity translates in a beautiful abstract dance. Obviously, I am not an art critic so I just describe my own feelings and connection to the work and I leave the description to the artist and the critique to the experts.

These two pieces below were my most favourite. The images don’t do justice as I snapped them with my phone so go and see the real thing for yourself and check out the artist or gallery’s website for better images.

Graham GilmoreIMG_3525 IMG_3527

it’s all about shopping now!

Insert drum roll and ribbon cutting ceremony here! I am announcing the official opening of my very own on-line store.

I can’t tell you how exciting it has been to set this up. It is a full-on store with all the fancy and top-notch e-commerce capabilities out there. I will be adding more small scale and affordable options to serve all sorts of budgets. I will be having online sales and I am also planning to have occasional giveaways. Yes, you heard it right! Just stay tuned.

I will continue using Saatchi Art as an excellent on-line gallery and for sales outside my personal network. However, running my own store offers more flexibility and direct relationship with my network both locally and internationally. It also allows me to accommodate price negotiation requests. After all, I am Iranian and all about a good old chooneh zani (bazaar-style bargaining!)

midnight stroll in a washing machine on a Rogers commercial

Once in a while I rent out my works for special events,¬†stylings¬†and commercials.¬†midnight stroll in a washing machine had a mini second of blurry fame on a Rogers commercial¬†just recently. It’s on 49th second and it comes and goes like a flash.

I love the title of this piece. I think it is one of the most appropriate and funnest titles I have come up with so far. I created this painting for a solo show I did in 2011, I am a fashionista and this is how I wear it! It was one of those works that everything came together instantly and it was actually the last piece for the exhibition. The painting layer had a lot of texture and energy and the spiral movement invited lots of certain type of cut-outs that had a sense of motion embedded in them. It really felt like these collage cut-outs just flocked onto the canvas and took position. It was chaotic and smooth, crazy and effortless. I had a lot of fun working on it. It is certainly a very energetic piece with a lot of commotion just like what happens in a washing machine.