one-piece wonders

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Here are the first pieces of the new series I  have been working on.

They are very different from what I have been doing in many aspects. In most of my previous works, I have used a lot of color and I have been drawn to meticulous and elaborate collage work where at times I have used hundreds of cut-outs in one piece.

For these works I am using only one colour, heavy layers of black paint, and one focal cut-out. I highlight a carefully-chosen college pieces that has intricate and high definition texture to create a visual illusion of detailed hand-painted element. The medium is oil on wood panel. The cut-outs are still from fashion editorials. They are also studies for larger scale works. I am contemplating to blow up the scale and see what happens.

For now I am call them ‘one-piece wonders‘.

OPW-VI-2014-sopw vi – oil & collage on wood panel (working title) – 2014

OPW-III-2014-sopw iii – oil & collage on wood panel (working title) – 2014

OPW-II-2014-sopw ii – oil & collage on wood panel (working title) – 2014