November 2015

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featured on Saatchi Art again

I just got this email from Saatchi Art┬áthat one of my works has been chosen to be┬áfeatured in┬áthe┬á“Architecturally Round”┬áCollection, a part of Saatchi Art’s 2015 Gift Guide Collections. ┬áHere is the image of the piece, Minto 44, a collage and painting piece, a of mix of cut-out round patterns I found in a polka dot pair of pants and a patterned dress which I used across the set blurred into the painted subtle round shapes. The related images show you how it looks on the wall along with its sibling.

This is the second piece from this set that is featured on Saatchi┬áand I am quite happy about it. If you want it/them you’d better hurry!

minto44-anahitaazrahimiIMG_1256 IMG_1257 IMG_1259 IMG_1260

seen on Saatchi

Last week this tiny piece that I did in December and it is from my very popular minto series was picked up by Saatchi Art’s feature collection. It’s great to get noticed among the hundreds of thousands of artists and millions of great works on the site. Saatchi is a reputable online portal that takes the art of the seasoned and emerginig artists to a wide audience internationally and┬átheir newsletter goes to gizillion people around the globe! It provides a level of exposure that most artists don’t have resources to do on their own. Here is the link if you want to have this piece on your wall or your shelf.

minto 45 - 2013