December 2015

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collage diet challenge – Day 17

Day 17 of december 2015 collage diet challenge. Here are the three pieces for today. A beach towel crept into piece #54 and I am really liking the texture of the first cut-out. I cut for two hours straight today and I stopped when I got to this one but then I couldn’t do much to it. You can also follow #collagedietchallenge15 on instagram.

52-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 53-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 54-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi

collage diet challenge – Day 10

Day 10 of december 2015 collage diet challenge.  Today my Vogue musings brought me to these lush feathery leathery Christian Dior heels.  I had a show a few years back titled: I am a fashionista. This is how I wear it. This is how I am wearing my Diors today 🙂

You can also follow #collagedietchallenge15 on instagram.

31-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 32-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi 33-dec15collagedietchallenge-anahitaazrahimi