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Here is another edition of sketchbook shenanigans for you.

There are some collage pieces that become quite intriguing on their own when they are cut out of their context. They become unrecognizable as they are not part of an object they originally reperesnted. Sometime it is hard to combine them in a composition with other cut-outs. I have been tucking them away to do something with them later. The idea came to me a while back to play around with these collage pieces and explore their potential as a stand-alone piece/shape and extend them with very simple lines in simple compositions. It is a great exercise and a contrast to the concept of abundance and richness that underlies my work on canvas. It might give me some ideas for some canvas work but for now as I said, I am just playing.

By the way, if you remember I told you I was very hesitant about sharing my sketches publicly as they are like private thougths and it makes me feel vulnerable. To my sheer surprise, I got wonderful response for sharing them and an amazing supporter purchased one of the sketches. I was by no way thinking or prepared to sell these, firstly for the above reason and secondly I think of them as rough ideas and exercises and not finished works. It was a great encouragement to keep sharing, to push myself out of my comfort zone and not think too much about presenting what I think is the perfect side of my process.

And to end, I just came across this inspiring article on Brain Pickings on intuition and creative process from Pablo Picasso  on my twitter feed:

To know what you’re going to draw, you have to begin drawing.”

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