“gentle” work-in-progress & aqua nails

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It is a sunny cool day at the studio and I have been taking my time musing on aqua, mint, very gentle turquoise, soft neons and pearls. Usually I create depth by using darker underlying tones (here there is still some of it) and work with much richer tones and a high contrast palette. For now I am exploring layering of the soft tones all the way through with less contrast. I am also softening the neons with lots of white and I really like the tints it renders. It still has the shine but much softer.

My mantra these days for the few pieces I have going on is GENTLE!  I keep repeating it loud (my studio buddies can attest to that) in an effort to channel my impulse of doing something loud into softness and gentleness. Let’s see how far I can contain myself. I don’t think too long. As you can see the palette has even infected my nails. But no, I am not going to collage the nails into this. I will post the pictures of the completed piece for you as soon as I finish it.

photo 3
photo 5