Art Toronto 2015 – Favorite Photgraphs

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Here are some of the photography works I loved at Art Toronto 2015. I enjoyed Bau-Xi gallery‘s fantastic selection of works and artists. There were a lot of great pieces that you can view here on Artsy’s coverage of the fair.

Katrin Korfmann-Ibi

Katrin Korfmann, Ibi

Katrin Korfmann-Homo Ludens 42

Katrin KorfmannHomo Ludens 42

Joshua Jensen-Nagle-Bathing in Bliss 2015

Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Bathing in Bliss,  2015

Ned Pratt-Connaigre Peninsulam 2015

Ned Pratt, Connaigre Peninsula, 2015

Milagros de la Torre, Imprint 2010

Milagros de la Torre, Imprint 2010

cara barer-Harajuku, 2015

Cara Barer, Harajuku, 2015

Nadia Myre-Orison #4 2014

Nadia Myre, Orison #4, 2014