collage art diet 2016 – week 40

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I had used the same pieces below in 2011 in my atlantis painting and it was interesting to stumble upon the same images (from a Prada editorial) in a old Vogue again and use them entirely differently. Looking at that painting and these works on paper, makes me realize how much my work has changed during this year-long collage on paper challenge. I have come from meticulous collage work, dense and busy compositions and colourful palettes to these minimal and focused works on paper. I still consider this current body of work more of a study and research. However I know despite my previous longings for going back to canvas and paint,  I know that I won’t at least for a while! I think I am drawn more and more to the intimate feel of paper and I want to expand on these works and embark on another set of research. Completely different ideas have started brewing in my head since subtle fragments exhibition and I know they will surface one of these day. Enough of me being so vague….

As it is the story these days with me I am running behind posting my works (not making them…) so I will post week 41 shortly to catch up with myself.



137-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 138-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi 139-collagediet16-anahitaazrahimi