February 2014

warming up for 2.5 meter marathon

I  am a procrastinator. I have finally accepted that.  There is this  massive 2.5- meter-long piece that I started in late October 2013 and stopped half way in between. Now the momentum is gone and I have to find my way back into it somehow. However, just like the way I used to procrastinate for exams/deadlines and  would take care of all the possible unfinished tasks I could think of, I have done quite a few smaller pieces in between. I need to get going on this massive neon madness! so I have cut over 100 pieces of patterns and shapes  for it. And  I am doing some warm-up works towards it.Here is the image of the neon -giant in progress.

photo 5



seen on H&G

In December, Hunter & Gatti,  a cool New York-based fashion/art magazine, highlighted some of my works. This reminded me to tell you a bit about one of my favourite works titled subterranean paradise.

subterranean paradise was a commission from a very dear friend who wanted something with depth, masculinity and in rich hues of blue. There was also one criteria. No hidden wildness like a bikini top or a boot that at times sneak into some of my works.

I decided to do the piece entirely in deep blue,  trying to capture the grace, harmony and gracious underwater flow. The memory of the mind-blowing and awe- inspiring  drop-offs and deep blue abyss of Santa Rosa dive site in Cozumel became the starting point.  It was a good challenge to work only in one colour, play with variations of it and search for blue-only cut-outs. It was hard to keep the naughtiness in check though. But I did my best. Interestingly enough some of the cut-outs came from 2009 issue of Vogue featuring the Obamas, shot by Annie Leibovitz. I did use part of the President’s blue dress shirt and his whole tie somewhere there. Look close to see if you can find them.So in the end the piece got a touch of presidential vibe and masculinity too. But above all, I hope the painting captured the mysteriousness and grace of the underwater paradise that I had in mind.

Thanks H&G for inspiring me to talk about this.

subterranean paradise-2012

seen on Saatchi

Last week this tiny piece that I did in December and it is from my very popular minto series was picked up by Saatchi Art’s feature collection. It’s great to get noticed among the hundreds of thousands of artists and millions of great works on the site. Saatchi is a reputable online portal that takes the art of the seasoned and emerginig artists to a wide audience internationally and their newsletter goes to gizillion people around the globe! It provides a level of exposure that most artists don’t have resources to do on their own. Here is the link if you want to have this piece on your wall or your shelf.

minto 45 - 2013


A cool new website

My awesome new website is finally here and I am super excited.

It has been a labour of love for over the past few months.

I really like my new logo designed by the great Nick Coombe who always takes all ideas to the next level. It is contemporary, clean, fresh and  reflects the new color palette I have been working on lately.

I believe I almost drove the fabulous team at ToucanStar nuts and I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and vision. They have done just a brilliant job. I am telling you if you are looking for cool web developers, don’t look any further.

I am particularly proud and excited about the filter functionality they have put in place. you can now search works by size, orientation, color, year, availability, you name it… how cool is that!

In regards to the filter functionality, here is my confession to you about my self-obssesed guilty pleasure. I love this feature so much that I have been playing with it constantly to search my own work with different filters. Go ahead and play around. It is fun. Maybe while are doing that, you come across an available work that you would like to have for yourself. In that case, you will contact me to arrange the process of ownership, acquisition, possession of the piece. Then you have a piece of me!

Now that I have a blog too, I will use it to post about the process of work, related interesting peripheries, show updates and tidbits. I promise not to ramble. If you don’t have time to read the blog, then you can sign up for the newsletter that I will be sending out occasionally to keep you posted of upcoming events, exhibitions and new works.

I also need your help to spread the word about the launch of the new website and get more people to know about the work I do. So pin, tweet and like – if you like what you see!

Thanks for visiting, for being interested and for sharing!