December 2015

collage diet challenge – Day 3

Day 3 of december 2015 collage diet challenge.

The lines are in response to the shape and sometimes I am not sure where the whole thing is going and you can see the uncertainty in the drawings. The last image was a Temple proposal from Thomas Heatherwick that I had found in Vogue years back and kept it. His structures always seem to be breathing and moving.

9-dec15collagediet-anahitaazrahimi 10-dec15collagediet-anahitaazrahimi11-dec15collagediet-anahitaazrahimi


collage diet challenge – Day 2

Day 2 of december 2015 collage diet challenge. It’s all pink, soft and oniony!
the last one’s little bubbles pattern that I drew remind me of how the reef starts from the free-swimming coral larvaes that attach themselves to things! They all somehow look part of a reef family. Maybe I am building my own reef!

5-dec15collagediet-anahitaazrahimi 6-dec15collagediet-anahitaazrahimi 7-dec15collagediet-anahitaazrahimi 8-dec15collagediet-anahitaazrahimi

collage diet challenge – Day 1

Today is day 1 of my december 2015 collage diet challenge.
Studio is a serious mess as I am cutting and cutting like a mad woman and I am extremely self-concious about sharing the works again. I had a hard time getting started  (nervous)  and was not happy with how the first piece started  but then I convinced myself that these are ideas in progress and it is ok if I share what I think is a mess-up or repetitive.

The odd thing is that I already see my lines are changing and I am baby stepping into creating small patterns.  I am also spending more time on selecting cut-outs. The pieces for works on paper are more meticulously vetted since they don’t blur into the textured background as on the canvas work. Sometimes I cut 10 to 15 shapes to get to something that I think works. The cut-out needs to have a a good amount of character and texture and an interesting form to work with. so here are the first 4 in order as they happened.

96 more to go!


a serious collage diet

I am setting myself up for an end-of-year challenge. Interesting ideas and constellations are emerging from my collage works on paper that I want to explore further but there are lots of distractions. I thought it is best to enter the new year with toned ideas so I decided to put myself on a serious collage diet for the month of December. Three collages a day – every day/night for 31 days. I want to have 100 pieces of works on paper by the end of the month/year! Some days I have to do more than three to hit that number and I am not allowed to cheat and create a big batch one day and none the next. It should be everyday! It is a crazy idea for me schedule-wise (and I am very nervous as I am writing this and putting it out there) but I thought if I get your emotional support along the way, I can pull it off. So here is how you come to play a very important role.

I will be posting them on my instagram and other social outlets. Simply look at them as they come by and if you like them: comment, use that heart emoji and share. If you really really like them, buy one or two or more (some will come to the shop).

I think (hope) it will be fun. Wish me good luck.

Thank you!

studyinblue2-azrahimi-2015 studyinblue3-azrahimi-2015 studyinblue4-azrahimi-2015

featured on Saatchi Art again

I just got this email from Saatchi Art that one of my works has been chosen to be featured in the “Architecturally Round” Collection, a part of Saatchi Art’s 2015 Gift Guide Collections.  Here is the image of the piece, Minto 44, a collage and painting piece, a of mix of cut-out round patterns I found in a polka dot pair of pants and a patterned dress which I used across the set blurred into the painted subtle round shapes. The related images show you how it looks on the wall along with its sibling.

This is the second piece from this set that is featured on Saatchi and I am quite happy about it. If you want it/them you’d better hurry!

minto44-anahitaazrahimiIMG_1256 IMG_1257 IMG_1259 IMG_1260


Finally I got to upload these sketches/postcards from last year. They are studies in simples lines and simple relationships between biomorphic shapes. I took one big piece of cut-out and broke it into smaller shapes and created a relationship between the pieces as well. They remind me of mobiles.

These are on water-colour postcards (6″ x 4″). They are studies but also finished works. If you want to give someone special a handmade card they carry a warm gentle energy. They are also super affordable and you can get them at my shop.


IMG_6046 IMG_6048 IMG_6049


postcard-anahita azrahimi





sk-po8-anahitaazrahimi-2014 sk-po9-anahitaazrahimi-2014

Art Toronto 2015 – Favorite Photgraphs

Here are some of the photography works I loved at Art Toronto 2015. I enjoyed Bau-Xi gallery‘s fantastic selection of works and artists. There were a lot of great pieces that you can view here on Artsy’s coverage of the fair.

Katrin Korfmann-Ibi

Katrin Korfmann, Ibi

Katrin Korfmann-Homo Ludens 42

Katrin KorfmannHomo Ludens 42

Joshua Jensen-Nagle-Bathing in Bliss 2015

Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Bathing in Bliss,  2015

Ned Pratt-Connaigre Peninsulam 2015

Ned Pratt, Connaigre Peninsula, 2015

Milagros de la Torre, Imprint 2010

Milagros de la Torre, Imprint 2010

cara barer-Harajuku, 2015

Cara Barer, Harajuku, 2015

Nadia Myre-Orison #4 2014

Nadia Myre, Orison #4, 2014

Art Toronto 2015 – favorite works

I started my tour of Art Toronto 2015 quite enthusiastically and energetically, determined to document everything that caught my eye and liked and make a visual archive for myself. But of-course that was quite an ambitious task to sift through over thousands of works on display. There was lots to see and to admire. I was excited to see original Damien Hirst print editions or it’s better to say seeing a Hirst’s work in person for the first time was exciting. I love dots and I can’t get enough of these spots.  I “wish” to own a print one day!  I also spotted a small Banksy piece somewhere but I forgot which gallery it was. The most original new work for me was DaveandJenn at TrépanierBaer Gallery. The works are detailed paintings/collages within multiple layers of resin and they weave together a vivid,colorful and surreal world. Their instagram captures some essence of their work but seeing in person is a completely different experience. ( I have a picture below but it doesn’t do the work justice! )

Another memorable, brilliant piece that drew me back a few times was from the Cluster Fuck series of Ken Nicol at Olga Korper Gallery (That gallery had the best selection of works in my opinion.) The image below is not the one that was displayed, that piece according to this video contained 200,054 fucks meticulously and beautifully handwritten in a mesmerizing, complex grid.

Arsty has a great coverage of the fair for reference and it is a great archive.

Here are the my most favourite works of the fair.

Ken Nicol-Cluster Fuck 2015Ken Nicol, cluster fuck cluster fuck 36,000: homage to the fuckin’ square, 2015 ink on paper 

Joachim bandauJoachim Bandau14-09-2011, 2011, watercolour on paper, 30 x 22 inches

Venet_Two_Indeterminate_Lines_I_500_382_c1Bernar VenetTwo Indeterminate lines, 2014

alberto Casari-2014Alberto Casari, Untitled, 2014, Wool, paint on cotton paper

Alberto Casari-EM.SB2013Alberto Casari, EM.SB.13.05, 2013, Fieltro teñido calado y madera

Claude-Tousignant-1971Claude Tousignant, étude 1969, 1971

Damien Hirst -Diacetoxyscirpenol-2006Damien Hirst, Diacetoxyscirpenol, 2006

Damien Hirst Ethylamine-2011Damien Hirst, Ethylamine, 2011

Amanda Valdez-dream your face off -2015 Art TorontoAmanda Valdez, dream your face off, 2015

Amanda Valdez-Mirador-2015Amanda Valdez, Mirador, Embroidery, fabric, gouache, acrylic and canvas, 2015

Yves ZurstrassenYves Zurstrassen

Bruce McLean-Garden with redBruce McLean, Garden with red, 2014, Monoprint with collage and hand colour

daveandjenn-thin skin-thick hideDaveandJenn, Thin Skin/Thick Hide, 2015

Amsterdam Drawing Fair 2015

I was so pumped and inspired visiting Amsterdam Drawing Fair 2015 that I wanted to jump on a plane to get back to my studio and let out some of the ideas that popped up in my head.  The rush is behind me but they are still brewing. The variety of works that pushed the boundaries of drawing in many different ways were countless. The vibe of the fair was laid-back, unpretentious and inviting. Visitors were engaged , interested and invested! A lot of works were sold – lots of red dots all around. It was refreshing to hear from friends that this was an affordable art fair that they looked forward to getting some high quality art.

I lost track of the pieces I loved and I didn’t have time to document them all for my visual reference but here are some of the highlights of the artists/pieces that I fell in love with for various reasons. I took some pictures but my shots were poorly lit so I used google and aimed to link /credit properly.

These beautiful patters and textures drawn via chemical process by Nora Schattauer

permanganate 23, 2014  mineral solutions on chromatography paper  30 x 20 cm

ocher Green 5, 2012  mineral solutions on chromatography paper  30 x 20 cmocher Green 5, 2012, mineral solutions on chromatography paper, 30 x 20 cm

meticulous drawings of grids, patterns and orders by Michelle Grabner. “her work seeks Platonic ideals of orderliness and routine.


JCG7320these captiavting red dots by Robine Clignett

Without title, 2002, watercolor on paper, 120 x 160 cmWithout title, 2002, watercolor on paper, 120 x 160 cm

Dineke van Huizen had stunning pieces from painted paper-cuts. I can’t find her website but here is the link to Rejane Louin gallery that represented her. I absolutely loved works by Maëlle Labussière from the same gallery. 

Maelle Labussière, 2006, ink on non-woven paper, 73 x 99 cm  Gallery G / MA © Maelle Labussière.Maelle Labussière, 2006, ink on non-woven paper, 73 x 99 cm  Gallery G / MA © Maelle Labussière.

Untitled Maëlle Labussière, 2014 ink on lined paper, 30 x 40 cmUntitled Maëlle Labussière, 2014 ink on lined paper, 30 x 40 cm

loved the energy and the swirls in Wouter Venema pencil drawings

Untitled, 2014, Colored pencil and charcoal on paper, 150 x 180 cmUntitled, 2014, Colored pencil and charcoal on paper, 150 x 180 cm

Read about the inspirations behind Georg Bohle‘s elaborate, textural depiction of these cities here.


all things contemporary amsterdam II

4.  simply a cool site

And NDSM doesn’t have to try to be cool! It simply is. It is a self-proclaimed self-made city on the remnants of the old shipping industry – used to be the biggest shipyard in Europe. It is described aptly by themselves as “vivid, intense, highly contrasting and unique” and you experience all of those qualities when you walk around. I have a separate post about the amazing Amsterdam Drawing Festival that was happening in this zone. But here are some pictures of the shipyard itself and some artworks that were enhanced by the magnificent industrial backdrop.

IMG_1038 IMG_1009 IMG_1001 IMG_1020 IMG_1013 IMG_0988 IMG_0991 IMG_1000 IMG_1008 IMG_1032 IMG_1016

and this quintessential Dutch corner at the shipyard!


5. national military museum vs. nijntje museum (not in Amsterdam)

I have zero interest in war and military related anything! But I was told this new national military museum in Soesterberg was a different kind. And it was. The architecture of this building which is situated in a forest is state-of-the-art. It is one of those structures that makes you feel united with the beautiful landscape outside, you can watch the parade of the dutch clouds in the sky from every corner of the museum, feeling that you can touch them and yet you are shielded from atrocities of the weather. Everything from the interior design, traffic flow design, graphic design, display design, signage, furniture, you name it…is impeccable, harmonious, yet simple and super elegant. I am holding on to my ticket stub and brochures as I loved everything about the layout, typography and design (again!) The highlight of the museum for me, beside the space itself, were its modern and interactive multi-media exhibitions and installations ( I haven’t seen such quality anywhere else yet.) Through these, they had done a fantastic job of grabbing the attention visually to tell  the captivating narrative that wove the history and essence of the Netherlands with its involvement in wars and the world politics. And since it was a military museum after all, I was impressed by the sight of the fighter jets and aircrafts dangling in that grand space.

IMG_5220 IMG_5230IMG_5250_2 IMG_5257_2

On a complete opposite note, nijntje (miffy) the iconic creation of the Dutch artist Dick Bruna, turned 60 this year so even the traffic lights in Utrecht (nijntje’s hometown) adopted the character for this milestone birthday and there is a whole new museum dedicated to the little rabbit. The museum is obviously kid’s centric but it is professionally designed and tastefully executed. The quality displays serve all visitors alike. Some statues designed by great artists for the nijntje art parade (recently auctioned off for UNICEF’s education projects) were on display, this link has the images of all the different designs and they are just fantastic.

IMG_5345 IMG_5346 IMG_5347_2 IMG_5350_2 IMG_5351 IMG_5352_2